Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Loving Presence

Have you ever witnessed a new mother looking into the face of her new born child? There is a stillness, a calm, she is no where else but right there, in that present moment and there is nothing but LOVE.

Loving PRESENCE is the key to relationships, building and is also our natural state of BEING. It is to be present in the moment and bring forth all the love you can muster and shower it upon the person through a smile, a warmth that radiates from your soul and pours out of your eyes when you gaze upon that person.

"Loving Presence isn’t something we do. It emerges as a natural state when we are calm, open, fully present, appreciative and relaxed — not impatient, not acting in a role, feeling overly responsible or worried or bored, It blossoms from an attitude or state of mind into a full-bodied experience of joy. When someone offers loving presence in relationship, it has a very powerful effect on another. Possibly without even noticing it, the other feels safer, feels heard, appreciated, and even understood. When that happens, healing has already begun and is most likely to continue in a fruitful direction."


Loving Presence can be practiced when engaged in a conversation with another, focus on just listening and not interjected with your own thoughts. Try to watch the mind and see when it goes off in another direction, redirect your energy to the present moment and on being THERE with the other person.

· "The power of Loving Presence for the person experiencing it is the full aliveness of being open to anothers beauty and strength, to the human spirit with all its beauty and pain. It brings with it the experience of compassion – of heart opening – a spontaneous opening that happens effortlessly when we are able to behold anothers suffering, vulnerability, or child-like qualities. The gift of Loving Presence is in the experience of being nourished simply as a result of seeing another with appreciation, with a willingness to be inspired, to enjoy the other person’s presence as a blessing, to see the divine in them perhaps…"

Practice this and let me know how your relationships change!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Power of Surrender

By surrendering to life we can live more effectively in the present

There’s much that can be done to take control in our lives. But our full potential can’t be achieved if we’re ruled by apprehension, anxiety, frustration, worry, doubt and/or fear.

Much of life is not in our control. Many of us may not want to acknowledge or face this. It can be too scary.

For example, as much as we may try to please others, we can’t control how they’ll react to us or what they’ll choose to believe or feel about us, a serious illness or accident may suddenly befall us; also, at any time, we may find ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time and experience harm.

We’re always vulnerable in life and subject to sudden loss or mishap. This is an undeniable fact. And this is one of our greatest spiritual challenges -- to become accepting and comfortable with this fact and not let it daunt our spirit or misdirect our energies.

When we surrender to what IS, rather that create worry, doubt and fear about what may come of it, we are actually in our greatest power.

Acceptance of a situation or full surrender comes from the master thought of LOVE which opens up possibility. Worry, frustration, doubt comes from the master thought of FEAR which closes down and makes us unable to move forward.

Ironically, by accepting our vulnerability and life’s unpredictability (i.e., surrendering to life) we increase control. Then, instead of putting a great deal of energy into defending against the many onslaughts life might bring, we can put all of our energy into dealing with what life actually brings.


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