Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Does Talking to Myself Make Me Crazy?

Living in NYC for 12 years I passed my share of people on the street who would be having full out-loud conversations with themselves, I'm sure you know the type.  

We usually classify those folks as being "crazy," despite the fact that all of us are having those same internal conversations only we keep them neatly tucked away inside our own heads.
Do you know what I'm speaking of? The record player of incessant thought, that voice inside of us that can be our biggest critic, naysayer or harbinger of disaster? The voice that can keep us stuck in the muck?  

If you know what I'm talking about, congratulations - you just made the first step toward awareness of your ego voice and that first step of presence is truly a gift.  Being on the road to finding your highest self is a life long practice! 

The beautiful part about our journey here on this Earth at this exact moment is that you and I are the ultimate creators of our lives.  

We have a choice in EVERY SINGLE moment about what we are allowing ourselves to think.  

Our thoughts create our reality.  When you change one single thought, you literally change your experience on this Earth. 

                                           STOP for a moment and think about that. 

   ~When you change one single thought, you literally 
change your experience on this Earth.~

It's something so simple ~ yet can be really difficult for all of us.  Here are some simple steps that I use and find helpful:

Awareness is the First Step
What are you thinking about? How do those thoughts make you feel? Are you joyful? Or do you feel sad, mad, angry, afraid? Remember that your thoughts are merely the sum of all the experiences you have had in your lifetime.  It's important to stop and see if those thoughts are based on truth or on a fiction you have created.  It's really easy to tell ourselves stories and make those stories real. 

Create a Sacred Space to Meditate In
This doesn't have to take up a lot of room - just a space where you can go to sit and work on quieting the mind.  If you have never meditated before, try just focusing on your breath as it enters and leaves the body.  Try it for 2 min, 5 min etc. and increase your time as it feels comfortable. If you feel the mind wandering - gently bring your focus back to your breath.  

Practice Journaling 
Journaling is an excellent way for us to examine our thoughts and see where they are coming from.

How do you practice being of "no mind" ? What is your experience like?

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  1. I can vouch for the power of meditation. Some people may not like the woo woo aspect of it but we can all appreciate the pause, the letting be, the emptying so that we can fill up on goodness.