Friday, March 12, 2010

Joseph Russo, my mentor and spiritual teacher

I remember after reading a number of books I was on the "path"... I was starting to understand these larger concepts that I was not alone and that there was something else other than my mind but it was so hard to be able to contextualize and understand it on my own.

I got on the Conversations with God web
site (Neale Donald Walsch) and I found some study groups in Manhattan. I contacted 2 of the organizers and 1 of them returned my call.

That's when I met Joseph Russo and I started attending his Life Mastery Training (LMT) groups on Wednesday nights. Joseph changed my perspective on life, love, learning to be present and also learning how to not judge myself. I am such a perfectionist ! And I began to see that I don't have to perfect, its okay to mess up sometimes, the world won't fall apart :)

I started to learn that we all have the ability to create the exact life we want. But, it isn't as simple as the book "The Secret" tells you it is. You can't just "think" about things and you attract them... you have to learn to remember to stop and observe who you are being in any given moment.

Try being more SELF AWARE today... take a read of one of Joseph's emails this may help you...

THOUGHTS TO LIVE BY -- A Guide to Creative Consciousness

Lack of self-awaren
ess can be the main factor undermining successful
living. It’s a form of ignorance that can cause us to act poorly
despite how intelligent we may be. Without sufficient
self-awareness, we can’t really be in high command of ourselves or
our lives.

For instance, we might often speak with little awareness that we may
be making unpleasant faces, using distasteful words, speaking too
loudly or too quickly, interrupting, repeating ourselves, meandering
or adding monotonous details. Any of these can keep us from being
properly understood or having a positive impact. In fact, while we
may think we’re having a good conversation, we may actually just be
turning people off.

Lack of sufficient awareness of our bodily or mental activity can
also have negative consequences.

For example: unnoticed negative thoughts or feelings can cause
over-reactions and poor decision making; unnoticed wishful thinking
or unrealistic expectations can lead to great disappointment and
feelings of failure; unnoticed spiritual needs can lead to feelings
of emptiness and despair; unnoticed body strain and stress can cause
health problems; unnoticed higher intuitive guidance can keep us
from taking the most timely and effective course of action.

What we don’t notice we can’t correct, adjust or tend to.
This is why the practice of self-observation is an important key to
Life Mastery. As we become more fully aware of what’s actually going
on with ourselves, we can then act more wisely and successfully.
Goodness and joy to all, Joseph.

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Make this a great day...many blessings to you!



  1. Very inspirational....please more!

  2. I'm very happy to have met Joseph myself more than 10 years ago when I lived close to NY. And after 10 years I still get his "thoughts to live by" ... I found this blogpost by googling "joseph russo thoughts live by" since his page is not online anymore ...

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