Saturday, March 31, 2012

When a Bad Thing Becomes a Great Thing...

On Tuesday March 6th at 11:15AM, all employees at the advertising agency I worked for received an email that the company would be unexpectedly shutting its doors for business that day.  It turns out that the owners were allegedly involved in embezzlement of investor and bank funds to the tune of about $30 million dollars. 
When I received that email, thankfully I was with my friend and co-worker - Anne Marie Bass. The survivor in us roared as we realized we had both been preparing for this opportunity our entire careers and about an hour later over lunch and a beer we began forming our new company.  

Front Row Communications was born - a phoenix rising from the ashes - as we began to realize how blessed and how aligned for success we truly were and are.  

From a place of pure integrity, hard work and intention - we began putting this new company together, being supported by Spirit in every way possible.  We have marveled at how ready clients are for a new paradigm and our new company is based on a platform of education and empowerment for marketers and business owners in today's world.  

Anne Marie and my business partnership is based upon core values and true integrity - while we could get caught up in ego stuff like money and power - we both realize that the whole is so much bigger than the sum of its parts.  We work hard every day at clear communication and making sure our egos stay in check.  We have brought in vendor partners to fulfill the needs of our clients - and we are awed by the years of experience, talent and creativity that's emerging.  

By far the most incredible part of all of this has been the natural ebb and flow of allowing and accepting in each moment of each day. Constantly remembering to ask ourselves, "what wants to happen here?"  Realizing that sometimes we have to wait and allow things the time they need to grow.  This has been a challenge for me and a practice! Anne Marie helps me stay in balance - we help one another - and I am so grateful.  

We received our first payment for services from our first client on Friday March 30th - just 18 business days after we opened our doors - and we know that's just the beginning.  As long as we remember who we truly are and what our purpose is we will be extremely successful. 

Accepting and allowing - realizing that sometimes a thing that seems bad can be really really great!