Thursday, April 4, 2013

Has it been "awhile" ?

It's been awhile for me - I haven't written this blog in over a year and I felt like returning to writing this morning.  I've missed it and as I sit here on this early Thursday morning, I can almost feel the gratitude of this day washing over me.  Our house is so quiet, peaceful, serene.  The sun light is grazing my cheek from the bay window pouring in and illuminating my thoughts and surroundings.

Wow. This is my life.  I look around the living room, kitchen, scan the backyard... its all ours.  Chloe, our 8 year old Maltese shifts position and I hear let out a small "sigh" - ahhh... she is mirroring my inner most feelings.  Ahhh.... how grateful I am for this day.  For the life we have created.  For this beautiful home, my friends, my health, my marriage, our families.  I am so aware of how precious it all is.

This gratitude work that I have been doing daily has been the most beautiful start and finish to my day.  I begin each day now with writing 10 things/people etc. that I am grateful for and why.  Then, I finish each day and try to find the moment I was most grateful for - as I prepare to fall asleep thinking about how many things I am grateful for from the day I realize just how truly blessed I am.

How do you practice gratitude? Do you have techniques you utilize?

Make it your best day yet...


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